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Chipotle Olive Oil
Crazy heat! The smoky flavor of this chili-infused oil is great for marinating steaks and brushing..
Black Truffle Oil
This late fall, early winter truffle is used in the making of this savory oil. A ‘tea method’ ..
Small Paddle Cutting Board
Hand carved with a silky texture, the Small Paddle Cutting Boards makes for a distinctive accessor..
Blackberry Ginger Dark Balsamic
Our Blackberry-Ginger Balsamic is wonderfully sweet, pleasingly tart and redolent with the clean, ..
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Salad Hands
Fun & Functional, these salad hands toss your salads with ease and beauty. A must have and a g..
Pacific Ocean Kosher Flake Sea Salt
From California, USA An all natural kosher flake sea salt, harvested from the Pacific Ocean. ..
Baklouti Green Chili Fused Olive Oil
Crush Date: November 2013 This new Baklouti fused chili oil was made with early harvest olives (..
Honey Ginger White Balsamic
Ginger! All hands on deck for this sweet treat! Honey and ginger play well together and bring a ge..
Approximately 12 inches, this spectacular ladle will help warm your kitchen dishing out  gene..
Party & Wedding Gift Box
Wow your guests with this classy and stylish glossy white gift box! Inside is a perfect oil and ..
Eureka Lemon Olive Oil
  Stop in the citrus name of lemon love!  Our (Whole Fruit Fused) Eureka Lemon olive o..
Toasted Japanese Sesame Oil
Our Japanese dark toasted sesame oil is roasted slow and low, and then pressed in small batches. I..
Small Three Section Bowl
  Each one-of-a-kind bowl is hand crafted into three sections for elegant fashion and conve..
Wild Blueberry Dark Balsamic
  Forget maple syrup on your waffles and try this instead! Our luscious wild blueberry bals..
Heart Dish
Make a declaration of love with this beautiful, sexy & unique serving dish. Use it for candies..