California Cuvee “House Blend”



Mild Intensity EVOO

       Crush Date: October 2019

We’re proud of our California Cuvee which is comprised of California Estate Picual (very rare) and Estate Arbequina. Fruity green Picual flavor is assertive and dominant with notes of green banana, and green tomato leaf while the Arbequina lends a softer element.

 *Biophenols: 272.3                          *FFA: 0.18

  *Oleic Acid: 72.5                       *Peroxide:  5.5

  *DAGs: 93.5                               *PPP: 0.2

 Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:                                                                               Fruitiness: 5.5 – Bitterness: 2.8 – Pungency: 3.5                                                                      

 *As measured at the time of crush. Country of origin: USA, California

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