Tomato Achaar – Brooklyn Delhi


Brooklyn Delhi’s Tomato Achaar is a flavorful condiment. Think of it as India’s equivalent to sriracha or harissa.

This 2016 Good Food Awards winner, is a relish made with locally-grown tomatoes, tamarind, a mix of Indian spices, red chili powder, unrefined cane sugar and sesame oil.  It has a spicy, sour, savory and sweet kick.

Traditionally it’s eaten with rice, curry, dal and yogurt, but you can top it on most anything – eggs, sandwiches, grilled meats, noodles or even cook with it by adding it to lentils, soups, salad dressings. Mix it into mayo for dipping fries in or into guacamole to go with chips.

Ingredients: locally grown NY tomatoes (i.e. Wilklow Orchards, Hepworth Farms, Lagoner Farms, etc.), sesame oil, non-GMO canola oil, garlic, salt, red chili powder, tamarind, spices (black mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, turmeric, asafetida), jaggery.